Mixed Pallet N1 - 1 Pallet (72 kegs)

Mixed Pallet N1 - 1 Pallet (72 kegs)

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UK Birra Moretti 8L BLADE KEG - (36 kegs)

UK Tiger 8L BLADE KEG - (36 kegs)

Total 1 Pallet (72 Kegs)

Brewed in the UK.



Brewed according to the original recipe from 1859, Birra Moretti Ricetta Originals reminds of maize and acacia honey with a slightly bitter note on the finish. Cheers to Italy’s timeless classics with a light golden colour and perfect taste.



Founded in 1932 the Tiger Beer is a lager that is internationally valued for its taste and quality. Each tiger goes through a strict brewing process that lasts over 500 hours and contains only the finest quality ingredients from Australia and Europe. The result is an intensely refreshing, full-bodied taste from one of the world’s leading beer brands, “says the manufacturer.

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